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January 07, 2003

Dialogue between Agnostics and Religions

During the New Year's holidays I went back to Kochi prefecture to see my family. The photo, left, is a famous bridge, Harimaya-bashi (you can read six Japanese characters on the pole), in fact, it is no longer a real bridge, it is a symbol of the good old times of the area. You can see photos of Kochi Prefecture on the web.

Anyway, I added two websites on humanism,
International Humanist and Ethical Union and American Humanist Association. Both are agnostic and seek to find meaning and value in life without the aid of traditional religions or gods. Well, their philosophy is interesting, and in a sense, similar to life studies. But I have a slight doubt about their belief in "science." In addition, life studies finds it important to have a dialogue between agnostics and religions, but what about those humanist groups? Probably, yes? Anyway, American Humanist Assciation's website is very sophisticated and easy to navigate. An example of a good website with a cool design.

What's New:
LInks above websites added.

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