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January 01, 2003

Osaka, Tokyo, Japan

Today I start writing a personal diary. This is not an official life studies page, so I think I can write more freely about everyday events, thinkgs I saw, I heard, I ate(!), anything I want to write. And also I want to write some ideas on my research from time to time. My portable phone has a very small digital camera, so I can show you a picture of things around me, buildings, roads, flowers, people etc. The photo left is my portable phone and me. It looks big, but in fact it is fairly small. What is the light behind, UFO? (^_^)

I am not a native English speaker, so it takes lots of time to write English sentences. This is the *main* reason that the update of this site has been at such a slow pace. But, anyway, from this year I will try to update the contents more frequently than ever, so please visit here sometimes and check this diary and What'sNew section in this diary.

I am living in Osaka, Japan, the third largest city in this country. This city is a typical example of "Asian chaos," a mixture of deep Oriental things and sofisticated European/Tokyo style shops and cafes.

In fact, I am now in Tokyo, today, spending new year holidays here. It is cold here. And it is snowing.

What's New:
About this site, What is life studies, and profile were thoroughly modified.

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