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February 25, 2003

Paolo A. Becchi

Last week I was in Tsukuba, and attended the TRT8 conference there. I will write about it in the next entry. After that conference I joined a meeting on the transplantation law in Italy. This meeting was held at Himeji Dokkyo University. Himeji city is located at the west of Kobe city. The speaker was Professor Paolo A. Becchi at Genova University. His specialty is philosophy of law and bioethics. In his lecture he criticized the current Italian transplantation law, and reevaluated the Japanese Organ Transplantation Law that stipulates the donor's prior declaration as a necessary condition for brain death and organ transplants (See this page). A comparison between Italian law and Japanese law seems to be very interesting. He knew my name because he had read my paper on brain death in Japan. He did not speak English at the meeting. He spoke Italian and German, and a Japanese profesor translated it into Japanese. I did not understand German at all, though I could catch some German words. I studied German for a year when I was a student, but I totally forget it.

The photo was from the inside of a Ramen (a kind of Chinese noodle) shop at Osaka. You can see a bowl of Ramen and noodle soup. Delicious. And you can also see the back of an Indian(?) statue.

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