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December 20, 2003

German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences

I forgot to add to the former entry. In Bonn, I went to German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences, together with Professor Christian Steineck. We looked around the Centre, their rich library and their database. We had a discussion about brain death and transplantation in Japan with professors at the Centre. I enjoyed the discussion. I didn't know this is the centre that runs the website in which the URL of our website is listed under the category of Institutions, Asia. I knew their website, but I couldn't identify that it was theirs.

At Frankfurt, Professor Lisette Gebhardt showed me a German paper, "Die Ambivalentz des Lebens und Unmöglichkeit der Religion: Morioka Masahiro und Seine Seimeigaku," written by Ulrike Wöhr in 1999. This is probably the first academic paper which dealt with Morioka's philosophy and life studies in a foreign language! She read main books and papers of mine written in Japanese. Thank you, Professor Wöhr.

This paper will be found in Hilaria Gössmann and Andreas Mrugalla (Hrsg.) "Deutschspachiger Japanologentag in Trier 1999, Band 1" pp.675-689, Hamburg: LIT-Verlag (ISBN 3-8258-4463-3).

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