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January 11, 2004

Philosophical inquiry

I have been working for the reconstruction of What is Life Studies page, and finally finished most of it, though "Core Concepts" section is not finished yet. Since I added "research programs" and the explanation of "philosophy of life," I believe the image of life studies became sharper than before. Probably the topics of "philosophical inquiry into some basic concepts concerning life, death, and nature" and "life and ownership" would be interesting to the visitors. I hope you will enjoy a new description of life studies.

A translation of my essay on an inner structure of a philosopher will be uploaded soon. You can find the Japanese original version here. Please wait until the translation is uploaded on By the way, the fourth printing of Painless Civilization will be coming this month. Good news.

Photo: A leaflet for Namba Parks, Osaka

What's New: What is Life Studies.

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