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February 01, 2004

Van Rensselaer Potter's idea

I got flu and have been resting for a week, but I am fine now. I was rinsing my mouth everyday, but virus was more powerful than me. While in bed I was thinking again about the explanation of "life studies" and "philosophy of life." I decided to rewrite it as soon as possible because I found that the explanation did not fully reflect the idea I have in mind.

By the way, the fifth printing of
Painless Civilization will be coming this month. This book seems to be accepted to a Japanese audience, especially young people. The publisher says it sells well in college bookstores. Good news.

And I found an interesting article on bioethics. Peter J. Whitehouse, M.D., Ph.D. "
The Rebirth of Bioethics: Extending the Original Formulations of Van Rensselaer Potter" (The American Journal of Bioethics, Volume 3 Number 4). Professor Whitehouse insists that American bioethics should transform itself based on Van Rensselaer Potter's idea on global bioethics. I asserted a similar claim in my first book, An Invitation to the Study of Life, 1988. It is curious to see how Whitehouse's argument will be accepted (or ignored). I believe there are lots of people who are frustrated by contemporary bioethics as a discipline.

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