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May 16, 2004

Race queen

The other day I happened to see a report from Tokyo on BBC World News about "race queens" in Japan (BBC site). They are considered to be untouchable goddesses among Japanese Otaku men, I believe. They were really cute, but many women, especially feminists, would hate to see this kind of scene reported by BBC.

* Those who typed into Google the words "race queen" should see the comment below! (added by Morioka November 2004)*

* You might be interested in my book, The Insensitive Man: A philosophical Essay on Male Sexuality (2005), especially Chapter 1 "If Only They Wear Mini-skirts We don't Need Flesh-and-Blood Women Any More!?" that deals with men's fantasy toward (race queens') mini-skirts. (added by Morioka, February, April, 2005)*

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  • Question to visitors. We have had a lot of visitors here. All of them searched the words “race queen” and jumped into this post. I guess the word “race queen” is Japanese-English (English made in Japan), so you must be interested in “Japanese” race queen girls. My question is: Why are you so interested in “Japanese” race queen girls? I believe there are a lot of sexy young girls and models in your country…....

    By Blogger Masahiro_Morioka, at 7:56 AM, November 10, 2004  

  • Posted by Morioka on behalf of Sora.

    What I wanted to say is that I ended up on this page because I was looking for examples of the costumes that the Japanese race queens wear. Nothing dirty, nothing creepy, I just wanted to see their outfits. Honestly, you can't assume every one of the hits you get will be some freaky fellow with an obsession for young Japanese women.

    Since race queens also make appearences in more than a few Japanese animated series/movies, some of the hits may have also come from non-Japanese people who had never heard of them before and wanted to know more.

    By Blogger Masahiro_Morioka, at 4:31 AM, February 02, 2005  

  • As an American computer graphics clothing designer who is about to use race queen fashion in productions as well as many other Japanese influences. The question I have is why do the Japanese just do it better? It is not a matter of race really, its just about their culture, both traditional and contrempory that blend into them being top artists in clothing and photograpy in my opinion. We have american race queens, but they don't compair to their Asian counterparts. The clothing styles are distinctly different as well as body shape. I for one admire the sleek body shape also of the Japanese over Mmericans who value a big bootie and breast implants and tons of make up.

    The reason I jumped in here is I am collecting great clothing design resource pictures. I really wish I could go to one of these events in person.


    By Blogger Insomniaworks, at 3:18 PM, February 28, 2005  

  • Why "Japanese" race queen girls? Because they have a different name in other countries. In Korea they're called "racing girls" (레이싱걸). Qualifying "race queen" with "Japanese" is like qualifying "water" with "wet".
    -la redakero di La Mondo en Ido

    By Blogger Me, at 2:58 PM, July 11, 2005  

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