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September 29, 2004

Book on sexuality

I have been writing a new book on sexuality this month, so I haven't had enough time to update this website. Actually, I am still editing the manuscript...

I am going to upload a paper on ethical issues on brain death and transplantation next month.

PS: The book, The Insensitive Man: A Philosophical Essay on Male Sexuality was published in Feb. 2005. Please visit the above link and read the table of contents and summary.

Photo: Kushiro Wetlands, Hokkaido

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  • Hi. This is Jamie from the USA (do you remember me?). I just moved to Ibaraki in Sept. and have been enjoying my time here. I hope to read your book on sexuality. I'm very interested in sexuality, fashion and the body. Recently, I've been thinking about how fashion exposes and creates a new sexuality of the body. Fashion and clothing create a new and transient exterior to the body, a decoration varying on occasions. The presentation of the self is a transient phenomenon.
    Take Care

    By Blogger jamie, at 4:40 AM, October 05, 2004  

  • Hello, Jamie. It's nice to hear from you. You are now in Japan, that is great! Congratulations! My book on sexuality will be published probably early next year, I will inform you when published. I think I will be able to restart the translation of Painless Civilization from the end of this year. Let us keep in touch.

    By Blogger Masahiro_Morioka, at 6:37 AM, October 05, 2004  

  • Thank you for the kind words and information. Yes, let's keep in touch. I would be happy to assist in any translation of proofreading projects. Keep up the great work!~ I'll be in touch.

    By Blogger jamie, at 3:08 AM, October 06, 2004  

  • Your book on male sexuality looks interesing. I'm going to check it out at the book store.

    By Anonymous Female Sexuality Blog, at 1:07 PM, May 11, 2006  

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