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November 26, 2004

Prochoice / Prolife dichotomy, Abortion, Philosophy (by M)

I searched the name "Mitsu Tanaka" and found that her name is completely unknown to an English audience. This is a surprising fact to me because she is surely one of the most important philosophers in 20th Century Japan. If you are interested in Japanese philosophy or the Japanese feminist movement you should read her writings. The problem is that her writings were written with poetic Japanese; most of them have never been translated into English.

One of the most important characteristics of Tanaka's philosophy is that she refuses "prochoice/prolife dichotomy" and accepts the fact that every human being, including herself, has an "evil" aspect inside, and then she moves on to think what a human being with evil mind like us should do when being pregnant an unwanted baby. Her answer was not straightforward. It is complicated and deep and moving. I discussed it in my book,
Life Studies Approaches to Bioethics: A New Perspective on Brain Death, Feminism, and Disability.

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Photo: A market in Kushiro city, Hokkaido, Japan

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