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December 12, 2004

Living in Osaka, Asian atmosphere (by M)

I have changed the background picture of the title of the blog. It is a photo of a night view of Osaka city. Living in Osaka is a very fascinating experience. This city is a mixture of the Asian atmosphere and modern technology. Chaotic but sophisticated.

I am editing the translation of Chapter 2 of the book
Brain Dead Person. This chapter constitutes the main part of the book. I hope the translation will be uploaded soon.

Photo: A vending machine

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  • After writing this post I realized that the words "Asian atmosphere" were somewhat misleading. The area of Asia covers a lot of regions, from East Asia to the Middle East, from Russia to India, etc. There are indeed thousands of "atmospheres" in this area, so it might be meaningless to say a city is filled with the "Asian" atmosphere.

    People sometimes talk about "the relationship between Japan and Asia"; in this case it is clear that they think Japan does not belong to Asia, although they know that Japan "geographically" belongs to Asia. Interesting.....

    By Blogger Masahiro_Morioka, at 10:01 AM, December 12, 2004  

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