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April 27, 2004

Japanese hostages in Iraq

The translation of Chapter 1 of the book Brain Dead Person was revised. I believe there are no big mistakes in the revised text. I hope you will enjoy this translation.

By the way, the Japanese government asked three Japanese hostages held and released in Iraq to pay 2 million yen (a huge amount of money) for the cost of a plane ticket etc. The hostages are a journalist and two NGO volunteers aiming to help Iraqi people, but many Japanese people have criticized that they were extremely bothered by the hostages.

This is the ugliest aspect of the national character of Japan. I hate it!

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What's New:
Brain Dead Person Chapter 1.

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April 19, 2004

Methodology of life studies

I have been rewriting the description of What is Life Studies page, and it's finished today. "The methodology of life studies" and "the guiding concept of life studies" have been completely rewritten. It is now easier to understand. I would like to know your impression and/or your comment about the description. Is it interesting to you? Helpful?

By the way, Professor Christian Steineck referred to my works in his paper, "
References to Japanese / Asian traditions in the Japanese bioethical debate. Some Examples and Methodological Reflections" I put an external link on the essay page.

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What's New:
What is Life Studies and essay page.

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April 13, 2004

How to live in a post-religious age

It is getting warmer and warmer here. But in Iraq, three Japanese hostages are still being held. More than 500 Iraqi people including civilians were killed by the US attack in Falluja. Everything is chain connected. I believe the Japanese troops should retreat from Iraq as soon as possible.

I uploaded the summary of my book
How to Live in a Post-religious Age (1996). This is the most loved book I have ever published. Please skim the outline and imagine the contents.
And I completely revised
the books page. Please visit and check the description of new books.

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What's New:
How to Live in a Post-religious Age and Books.

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April 01, 2004

Life Studies Approaches to Bioethics

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom here in Osaka.

I uploaded a special page for my former book,
Life Studies Approaches to Bioethics: Brain Death, Feminism, and Disability (2001). You can read excerpts from three book reviews, a summary of the book, and the index. This is an academic book, but very easy to read. I am going to translate little by little on our website. Bioethics discussions in Japan in the 1970s and 80s are extremely interesting. I bet you will enjoy the translation (when it is completed).
And I added an excerpt of a book review of Painless Civilization
here. And I slightly modified the Brain Dead Person page.

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What's New:
Life Studies Approaches to Bioethics, Painless Civilization, Brain Dead Person, and Books.

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