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August 13, 2004

The Structure of the Inner Life of a Philosopher

The essay, The Structure of the Inner Life of a Philosopher: The Multi-Layered Aspects of Speech, which illustrates the inner development of Morioka's philosophy from his boyhood to the mid-1990s, was uploaded. I hope you will enjoy a personal history of the webmaster. This essay was translated by Ethan Schwalbe from Japanese. Ethan voluntarily translated this essay; I thank him for his work from the bottom of my heart.

If you are interested in translation of my essays or books, from Japanese to your language, or from English to your language, etc., please contact me. A couple of volunteers are translating some of my works into some languages, so please do not hesitate to join.

And I started a weblog (again). Ozgurel has put a comment to the July entry. Thank you, Ozgurel.

It is still hot here in Augst. I am now concentrating on writing a new book.

Photo: Buildings at Umeda, Osaka

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