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May 21, 2005

Narrative approach to life studies (by M)

The first meeting on life studies at Kanazawa city was over. The meeting was successful. We had a lot of discussions on the issues of life studies. During the discussion I found some very important topics for our future research. And after that meeting I have been re-examining the definition and core concepts of life studies I had written on the life studies page.

One of the most interesting things at the meeting was that we spent the whole two days for the self-introductions of the members. All of us talked about ourselves, why we were there, and their own relationships with life studies. We discussed "narrative approach" to life studies as one of the topics at the meeting, but in fact, the meeting itself was, in a sense, a "narrative based" meeting. Very interesting. At our meeting, talking about why we were here was considered very important for all of us. We reconfirmed the importance of "narrative approach" in life studies. But on the other hand, we should keep in mind that in narrative approach everything can be interpreted as a "narrative" or a "story." A theory that explains everything is not a theory at all. Narrative approach is very attractive, but we have to be deliberate in using it in our research.

I think of rewriting the denifition of life studies in the near future. Life studies is evolving. Please wait for a new description of life studies on the life studies page.

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