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July 09, 2005

Life Studies for Beginners was published (by M)

A new book, Life Studies for Beginners, was published this week. You can find one in major bookstores around Japan. This is a selection of my public lectures from the late 1990s to the year before last. Since every chapter is based on an introductory lecture for ordinary people and college students, it became, as a result, a handy book for beginners on life studies in general. This book deals with such themes as care for terminal patients, the relationship between parents and children, conditional love, painless civilization, selective abortion, feminism, eugenic thought and disability, and so on.

This is my first experience to write a book from transcriptions of public lectures. It was tough work to rewrite a transcripted text into a clear and simple one. I rewrote the whole text at least five times. Spoken words are very different from written words in essense. This is extremely interesting.

I don't plan to translate this book into English, but if some of you want to read in English, I may try.

Anyway, the translations of Chapter 7 of
Brain Dead Person, and the first section of Chapter 2 of The Insensitive Man were completed. I will upload them soon.

Photo: Cover of Life Studies for Beginners

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