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January 21, 2006

Whale in Thames, eating whale meat, and whaling (by M)

From yesterday the incident of a stray whale in the river Thames in London has been heavily reported live on BBC "world" news. Last week they reported the collision between a Japanese whale catcher boat and Greenpeace boats protesting whaling. It seems to me that the British people are very conscious and sensitive about the issue of whaling. From the BBC site:

"The 16-18ft (5m) northern bottle-nosed whale, which is usually found in deep sea waters, has been seen as far upstream as Chelsea. A rescue boat has been sent to protect the whale and rescuers have been trying to keep it away from the river banks."

By the way, Japan is one of the few countries that continue whale hunting in the name of "scientific research," and Greenpeace accuses the Japanese of selling and eating whale meat acquired from such scientific researches. I feel that Greenpeace may be right because we can eat whale meat at some restaurants in Tokyo or Osaka. It is reasonable to protect them if the number is decreasing.

What I can't understand is why the British (and people in other countries) are so enthusiastic about whales and dolphins. For example, they eat lamb (child sheep) and veal (child cow), but isn't it cruel to kill small child sheep and cows only to eat them? They might reply that it is ok because they are domesticated animals, but if so, it means to imply that if we succeed in domesticating whales it is also ok to eat whales.

Have you ever eaten whale meat? When I was a child, boys and girls of our age used to eat whale meat at school because it was the Japanese government's policy to feed children cheap whale meat to nourish them with abundant protein. Whale meat was delicious. Today, I don't eat the meat of whales, cows, pigs, or chickins. Do you eat beaf or poultry? What do you think about eating whale meat?

A researcher from Norway once said to me that every county has its own sacred animals. This is an interesting idea. In India cows are sacred animals. Whales and dolphins might be sacred animals in some countries. In some areas of Japan, deer are considered to be sacred animals (particularly at
Nara prefecture). Whales and dolphins are cute and intelligent, but of course, pigs, chickins, and deer are also cute and intelligent. Let me hear your ideas on this topic.

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  • In my opinion, world is too corrupting to life in a harmony with all the rest. People can't understand animals, they think that animals are something different, something worse than we. But animals also have heart, their blood is also red - like our. In fact - we are the worst creatures of all the world. We kill animals, eat them, make all the pollution of the world. A lot of animals suffer from our pollution. Every person makes it. Everyone kills nature in some, even little steps. And from one side, it's inevitable for people living in this world. And that's the reason I hate it! World is so nice and beautiful place. It's so miscellaneous! Every animal is able to live in harmony. But when the person appears... Everything is bad, a lot of animals died, they get ill... Ohh, I can't write it :(

    If you want to be in contact with me, visit my web site. Username is big, and password - star.

    By Anonymous Sara, at 5:07 AM, January 22, 2006  

  • Masa!

    Your blog is extraordinary - as I of course expect from you. So glad that I came across this.


    I miss our discussions. Do you have a new group at Yahoo also?

    Best wishes,
    Kate Gannon Nunez
    aka 'katedirect'

    By Blogger Kate, at 4:46 AM, January 24, 2006  

  • Hi! kate. Nice to hear from you! We have not chatted for more than five years, have we? I too miss our discussion at the former Yahoo Groups. I have not made a new group yet, but please visit here from time to time and leave your message. I will also visit your blog. But anyway, I was very surprised to see your name here.

    By Blogger Masahiro_Morioka, at 6:12 AM, January 24, 2006  

  • Dear Masahiro, your post is very interesting, you asked whether one eat meal or not? I have truly confess I eat meal, not that of whales but meat, till now I have avoided it to think about it. But on the otherside, I do not know if I am doing right or not! I do not think that this a necessity to eat meat, or eat so often, it´s just a matter of education, and culture. I should maybe try to eat less meat, on the otherside we are somehow slaves of our taste.
    About whales, it is curious to me that a whale getting lost in the themse awakes so much interest, what is the general idea behind it? I don´t wanna say this is bad, but I have the feeling we are "fed" by the TV with random facts about what is happening around that.
    Can we still save the nature? that´s another question that does bother me, but enough for now, thanks for your nice blog, your Harry

    By Blogger harrys zen, at 10:17 AM, January 26, 2006  

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