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June 02, 2006

Protest against Peter Singer

From Not Dead Yet website:

The following remarks by Emily Smith were made at the protest rally against philosopher Peter Singer's appearance at the University of Minnesota on March 23, 2006.Smith was one of the organizers of the protest.

Thank you all for coming. It's so great to see you here because it's been a rough road to get this thing put together. One day in particular I was really starting to have doubts, but luckily, that same day I checked out one of Singer's especially controversial books from the library, and all it took for me to regain my confidence against why this protest needed to happen was seeing the title of Singer's book: "Should the Baby Live: the Problem of Handicapped Infants". . . . The problem? Why does Peter Singer take it upon himself to define difference as a "problem"? Well, our presence here today is meant to give an answer to Peter Singer's question: The biggest problem, Peter Singer, is this sort of attitude.

An attitude that refuses to see the social value that people with disabilities can offer that able-bodied people can't.

An attitude that thinks that philosophical theory can understand disability better than those living the experiences firsthand.Our message here today is meant to show Peter Singer that, as our signs, say his attitude is our only handicap.


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