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Discussion on the morality of eating meat and humans: Comments

The following are comments on "Discussion on the morality of eating meat and humans: Comments" in a former blog thread. Please feel free to post your comments.

  • I dont eat any sea food, and i eat a tiny bit of meat every week. I hate meat and i hate fish. I eat mainly vegetables, fruit etc

    By Anonymous, at 5:22 AM, January 28, 2005  

  • Thank you. I don't eat meat, but I eat fish and vegitables. I plan to write a paper on this topic in the near future. It is interesting to think about why people hate to eat human's meat even when he/she has died naturally.

    By Masahiro_Morioka, at 12:00 PM, January 28, 2005  

  • Anyone that doesnt eat meat is f****** wierd dude.

    By Anonymous, at 7:44 AM, April 26, 2005  

  • If I were a regular meat eater I think it is justified to eat the comatose patient. If the comatose patient can be cut into something like a beef jerky without any sign of a living thing, I wouldn't mind eating it. Before killing the patient though we should also make sure that loss of this person will not cause depression for anyone of his family/friends.

    By Anonymous, at 7:20 AM, June 17, 2005  

  • I don't eat mammal meat.
    To eat or not to eat a comatose patient is a toatlly diffrent thing. That would be cannabilism. It is different.

    By distill, at 8:48 PM, July 27, 2005  

  • We can approach the issue of the consumption of human flesh on similar levels as the preservation of memories.

    One would not break or lose an antique vase. This is due to the high sentimental value attached to the object. One would not set fire to a letter from one's deceased grandparents, but would gladly send a flyer from a marketer to the shredder. This is because we, as human beings, have a tendency to preserve ourselves. Our memories being part of ourselves, we do not wish to destroy them.

    So we can link our lack of taste for human flesh to self-preservation: We would not eat our own living flesh, because it is a part of us. Some people do have a habit of picking and chewing scabs, because they are detached from their person.

    But what of eating another person? Perhaps this is because we fear loneliness: Who would wish to be locked away from your human kin forever? If we were to eat each other, we would have no safety in numbers. Again, self preservation.

    But what of a dead human being? We can link this to self preservation: Having consciences, we are inclined to respect our human brethren and their property, that we do not offend them and are risked with rejection. (Leading to lonelinness and lack of safety in numbers) Thus, we do not eat the flesh of a dead human being because we feel it holds sentimental value for the deceased's friends. Fearing to offend these hypothetical people, we do not eat the human flesh.

    Now, on to the subject of justifying the consumption of a cow. Unlike human flesh, the dead cow does not in any way trigger the safety in numbers switch. The cow is incapable of granting any companionship out of its will as default behavior. However, we would hesitate to eat our neighbor's pet cat, because it holds sentimental value for our neighbor, and we do not want to risk offending them. (And up the comes loneliness and safety in numbers behavior) Similarly, some people feel uncomfortable eating pork whilst petting a pig. This is because we feel we risk threats from the pig.


    By Anonymous, at 3:34 PM, September 11, 2005  

  • there is a fourth argument to the meat debate.
    Someone chooses not to eat meat because it has been proven to be a more healthy lifestyle.
    that's it. not because they don't like the taste or because they sincerely believe that meat is not needed.
    it definately takes more effort to get all of the protein, minerals and vitamins that you need when you don't eat meat.
    and we really don't know until we see for ourselves if it will benefit our health.
    so i see why people just eat beef, chicken etc.
    no big deal. how about we all try to eat healthier and teach our children how to eat healthier and then just do what we want :)
    Love Emily

    By Anonymous, at 8:01 AM, November 10, 2005  

  • i dont eat any meat at all. i have 2 take pills and vitamins. i have 2 get shots sometimes also to get the stuff meat gives. i think its soooooo sad that ppl would kill an animal just 2 eat them.

    By Anonymous, at 10:02 AM, November 15, 2005  

  • I believe that the answer to this age old question is found right in the bible: (Rom 14)If it bothers your concience then it is wrong for you. If someone eats with a clear concience, then it is ok for them. This is for animals only (as God has provided them for this purpose) The eating of human flesh would of course be contrary to what the bible says. So I suppose the question for some of you will be whether or not there is a God, and if so, is the bible from Him?

    By Anonymous, at 5:45 AM, February 13, 2006  


well to be honest i have eaten human meat,it tastes nothing like chicken !! if i had legal access to fresh meat,why would you not.keep an open mind.

people don't eat other people because they would be eating something in their image. You wouldn't eat your family? would you? It would be weird to eat something that looked like you. And something that speaks the same as you. We can not communicate with the animals, that makes it easier to kill and eat them.

Perhaps some things just have to be left to common sense!

your all phyco.

Eating human meat and the moral issues??? Get out your bible if you have one. That thing you call your consience is actually telling you right from wrong and the bible will also tell you of Gods laws. He created the plants and the fish and the animals for us to eat. But some things are deamed unclean, aren't they? Such as pig. And we certainly are NOT to ever ever ever eat human meat. Under no circumstances must you ever consider such an act, even if you were dying of starvation and your friend has died and that's your only form of food... it is morally wrong and against God. If you eat another human you will suffer and you will not be accepted in to Heaven when you die. Who the hell here is the fucked up wank who says human meat doesnt taste like chicken cos he's tried it? Sicko!!!! You will go to hell... You are sick and suffering now, I'm sure, cos you've gone against God.

sick twisted fucked up canabalistic mentals. Meat is fine. Fish is fine. Vegetables and fruit is fine. But you CANNOT eat another human, even if they're dead already.

Anyone who thinks that a fish is not meat is absolutely ignorant. I think I learned in 6th grade biology (maybe 5th) that a fish is an animal. And people who say fish don't experience pain have never fished. In my Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of meat is - "animal and esp. mammal flesh used as food". Now if people want to argue, "ahh 'mammal'!" Well then, what about amphibians? Alligators, frogs, etc.? Are these animals then not considered meat because they are not mammals? Face it, Fish is meat, and so is everything else that breathes on the face of this earth we live upon.

I'm curious...
If someone took 1 pound each of pork, beef, chicken, fish, maggots (yes, maggots) and human meat, ground it, seasoned it, fried it, and placed it into a burger, which one would people eat, assuming they don't know the contents of the meat?
The ones who say they eat meat because of the taste can be tested with this. It's a poor argument to like meat because of the taste, what if the maggots or the human meat tasted better? Obviously people would not willingly eat humans, for example, but they might if they didn't know. the processing (killing,grinding, cooking, etc..)of food, especially when people are unaware (not physically present)of it disconnects people psychologically from disgust or sympathy they might otherwise feel for the animals (or people) to be eaten.

I am a vegan, meaning I don't eat meat, milk products or eggs. I have great difficulty denying certain facts that are ecologically proven: that our eyes face forward rather than to the sides, therefore we are meant to prey on meat. Our teeth are not solely designed for plant life - the eye teeth are remarkably similar to that of a canine's. How can I deny the satisfaction of a good steak when as a vegan my favorite foods are mostly fake meats? Since becoming vegetarian I am unbalanced, physically unfit for the same hard physical labor I could handle easily before, and I can no longer play soccer because the muscles in my back have lost too much strength. I fear I was too quick to accept Peta's 20 reasons why I should be vegetarian, and I should have done more research earlier. Can anyone tell me why I SHOULDN'T go back to eating meat? If we weren't supposed to eat meat why the hell is it so hard to be healthy without it?

First of all; there is nothing in the Bible that tells us not to eat human meat. Human meat is just meat. You do not go to hell for eating human meat. Once the soul leaves the human body, the body is just meat. People were made in the image of GOD. Do you think we are not of the highest quality and tastiest meat? I even think that if a person dies and they are still clean and want to donate their body to others to eat, they should be able to. Hopefully one day; human meat will be treated as the delicacy it is. I for one would eat it all the time if I could.

this is very sick

I am a part-time butcher at a grocery in my town, so I am a big fan of my T-bone, or rib-eye steak. But im loking at the internet and i come across a website named PETA. I only got one thing to say to these People. Get a Fucking Life man. Like honestly people make a living off raising cows or pigs and selling them to butchers. It helps our economy. That website lies to make people think that it is cruel. My personal favorite comment from PETA is that they say that fish use tools. That's ridiculous what's next fish are going to make fire and start talking to us no there fish there drones The only real brain function they have is swim and eat. Now I'm Not against vegetarians but mind your own damn business and i'll do the same, and stop trying to save the world from fuck all when there are real problems in the world to deal with. Like the United States In Iraq

and one last thing all the people who are saying eating human meat is all right. Your sick and deserve to be shot

It has been said that eating meat is justified in the bible and other literature, but who wrote those books??? Man. Eating meat is really disgusting; to eat a living animal. How about some partially cremated chicken with a tangy barbecue sauce? The only reason Americans do not eat dogs or cats is because of the value that society puts upon them, however, in southeast Asia, dogs and cats are considered a delicary (look it up on YouTube- Hanoi Dogs). As for the asswipe who is a part-time butcher, his non-sequitir arguments about how raising pigs and cows helps our economy is totally asinine. It only makes money for the corporations that own the slaughterhouses that produce the meat. Maybe this dork needs to let his head slip past the bandsaw and get an instant lobotomy courtesy of his employer.

wow i am totally amazed on how some can actully have conversations on this subject. To say i am doing a paper on why humans should not eat meat. well let me say i dont think i can enjoy eatting meat anymore for all the information i've gathered and these comments on here. sincerly, Jill

i love meat but human meat is so wrong to eat

Hi all, recently I actually do think that eating meat(chicken,ducks,beef,fish and what have you) is wrong.I'm not a vegetarian but it got me thinking one day that most of the meat we consume are from farms where they rear the little ones so that they can be slaughtered for our consumption. It's kinda upsetting that the cute little chick will eventually be someone's meal. I was thinking if say, I keep a little chick as a pet, I would never have the heart to kill it when it's a full-grown chicken. Seems like we are lettin others do the killing for us. We can't push the blame away because there's always supply when there's demand... I'm still researchin on this issue, but meanwhile I hope to cut down on meat consumption on my part. Well...just somethin to share and I certainly admire vegans. They sincerely love the animals, which I am quite shameful in this regard cos I still do eat some. :)

for all you sick fucks who think human meat is right to eat. well i sure hope one of those other cannibal fucks eats you, and every other cannibal out there, then gets a finger at a time cut off and make them eat it, then there toes, then id knock all your teeth out, then id poke your eyes out with a knife, lol im jk but seriously you guys who think human meat is ok to ingest can go get hit by a train thankyou bye

Funny how all the people against eating meat have no problems killing for nothing. I believe plants are living BEINGS, so vegans are still PARASITES. To define something as living is to define it as a parasite, so when everything dies it becomes food, even humans!

MY Argument is of these two opinions of mine. Humans beings are not superior to any other form of life. This is anthropocentrism which is a concept supported by the Bible-thumping religious bigots, the corporate heads in control of the food industry, and anyone else who believes in a human-first policy. Predation is a wholly natural process that all species of animals are INSTINCTUALLY aware of. Animals eat other animals, it is part of life and nature, and human beings will NEVER EVER escape it. You God-worshipping fools are anthropocentric. If millions of cattle and chicken must be killed each day to feed the fat rule of humanity, why is it wrong for a lion to eat some retard who walks into its territory. And secondly, if cannibalism is control of the human population.

There is no such thing as being a transcendent of nature, as humans think they are. In a matter of survival, I will slice off someone's arm off and cook it and eat it like anything else on the place.

Dear all,

The concept that meat makes one strong and healthy is wrong.

It depends what all vegitarian stuff you eat. If your daily intake is balanced you do not require any sort of meat to be eaten.

The strongest animal on land is elephant and that is verymuch a vegitarian.

I have more justification for being a vegitarian keeping aside the emotional reasons.

I will come forth with in my future messages.


"The concept that meat makes one strong and healthy is wrong."

The concept that eating meat made us smart and wise tool-makers has been proposed by Dr.Henry Bunn of the University of Wisconsin!

Meat is meat! If you can kill and eat animals, then you can surely kill and eat a human! There is documented accounts of people stranded and in order to survive, they ate the bodies of the people who didn't survive! Wether it is morally wrong or not, the fact remains that humans are also classed as "animals"! Pigs, goats, sheep, etc... have bones, flesh and blood like humans! And those who said that God put animals on this earth for human consumption should go back to the old testament and read! Meat is harmful and deadly to the human body and soul!

i believe in cannibalism, i feel it should be something that can be done. and not be looked at in a weird way. people all over the world eat different types of animals. cows, whales, sharks, snack, cats, dogs monkeys, ect. why not eat another human. i find it extremely funny how half of you can sit there and vituperate and have the audacity to say these ignorant things. if you dont feel cannibalism is the right thing. then hey thats all on you BUT at the end of the day your ignorant comments about what people who do believe in cannibalism, does NOT effect the way we sleep at night ! i still go to sleep with the thoughts of eating someone in the near future ! half of you dont even know how to spell right but yet you have the right to sit there and call me WEIRD ! haha* no i dont think so you illiterate people. i feel that until you have a formidable vocabulary as i do. you shall not share you ignorant comments. GET IT GOT IT GOOD !!!!!!!

ok, let me end this for you guys. Eating HUman Flesh or humans for that matter is in humane. just like lions dont eat other lions and tigers dont eat other tigers. Yes, it may be true that it doesnt say you cant eat meat in the bible but honestly do they have to make everything detailed in the bible for petsake. if someone told you to jump of a cliff but didnt tell you what would happen once you hit the bottom. hmm. now using your brain you would know that jumping of that cliff will kill you. right! Anyway back to the point of the thread. It is inhumane to eat your own species. now no one try and sugar coat this because it will only continue this crazy idea about eating brain dead patients and eating people or meat for that fact. Their you guys go theirs the answer to your questions.

In history we see many times instances thought inhumane and outlawed that are later found normal under later circumstances. Ex. Cannabis (Marijuana) used to be thought could lead to murder (Movies Marihuana 1936 and Reefer Madness 1936. Now I am not comparing pot to eating human but just using this as an example that years ago cannabis was thought to be evil and is now used as medicine. I think that in the future human meat will be tasted in small numbers and slowly increase in number until it reaches its way to our country. Maybe as a delicacy at first. On the other end if a major disaster hits Earth, we may have to eat human to survive. It is all relative to where you are from and what morals and values have been taught. Other countries have been known to eat human in the past. It is all a matter of time until I can get a number two humanburger supersized with a soda.

Reguardless of whether it's human or animal meat, meat is meat and no matter how many times someone tries to change perspectives on the subject, people will always do what they want. No one can force you to eat meat but no one can force you not to eat it either. Everyone has different choices, opinions, and beliefs when it comes to things like this, so the only thing you can really do is agree to disagree because in the end, no one will be completely satisfied.

People are being ridiculous, theres a big difference eating veg as opposed to eating a comatose patient. First of all the vegatables dont have any family and the thoughts of one of your family members being eaten is disgusting

for the clowns that wrote to get their bibles out, get a grip on reality.
first, god created a perfect world, the operative world is perfect.
which means there was no need for any killing, god states in genesis that he has given adam all the vegetation and plantation for him to survive, and the same applied to the animals, they had their plantation and vegetation to survive.
however if you read your bible thoroughly, it wasnt until the first murder, being cain killing abel that god would soon ask for sacrifice of animals, and also that we kill to eat.
but that falls into todays society, because not a great deal has changed, we are very much in a sinful world, where we will all be judged for our actions.
we will all die, and we all are inferior beings.
the ten commandments state you shall not kill, it doesnt state or specify what not to kill.
it just says you shouldnt kill, so in order to be safe and stay true to god, why not apply that and not take anything that has life to begin with.
secondly as a lion kills another lion, or animals kills another animal, so it would be ok to eat another human.
in the late 1960s there was a plane crash in the tropics of america, the known survivors peeled the flesh of the killed passsengers and defroted it on the snow, they then went along ate it.
its a dog eat dog world, we are predators, and known survivors.

I supposed it would in fact be okay to consume another human, though I doubt I could bring myself to do it. If you have the will to survive, there is nothing wrong with it, as it is using the gift of their body to continue living, as stated by "ed", the passengers lived because they ended up eating human flesh to survive, when you get past the part of the fact that this little slice of flesh used to be a human, I guess you'd be okay with that.

Now when you talk about it being ethical or not, it's not, because if you think about, it's like eating another person who you have associated with, conversed with, and got to know. You know this person, and live on an equal level with them. I could see how it would be extremely daunting to even consider eating another human, as it would make you feel... "evil"? I'm not sure if that makes sense. Also, if you're talking ethnically, again, the person, or was a person, deserves a normal, and natural human burial, standard human nature is to create a "shrine" such as a tomb, or a coffin with a cross above it to signify significance, and remembrance of a dead individual, that's all I have to offer.

Since when was the Bible the absolute authority on morality? Just because one book that claims to be the "word of God" says that cannibalism is bad doesn't mean that all moral standards must conform. There are thousands of other cultures and religious beliefs all over the world other than Christianity, and a large handful of such cultures and belief systems ENCOURAGE cannibalism.

It is not plausible to eat other humans, however, except for the most extreme cases of starvation and desperation, and cannibalism (as well as the consumption of domestic, carnivorous pets like cats and dogs) in only healthy when practiced sparingly. When an animal feeds from another organism (for example, a cow eating grass), only approx. 10% of the energy received by the cow is passed to, say, a pack of wolves while eating the cow; the rest is expended as body heat, in the various bodily functions of the cow, and in the production of fur, horns, bones, teeth, and other indigestible components of the cow.

With a typical human carnivorous diet, the ultimate source of energy (excluding the sun) is grass or grain (100%) to cow/pig/whatever (10%) to human (1%), for only 10% of the energy from one food level is passed to the next. Therefore, humans will only receive 1% of the total energy in this food chain.

When a human eats another human (on a carnivorous diet), the pattern progresses as Grass (100%) to Cow (10%) to Human (1%) to Cannibal (0.1%); thus, cannibals will receive much less energy from the total system, and this phenomenon will only increase with the number of cannibals added to the chain, to the point of flesh being completely worthless. The same applies to domesticated carnivores being consumed by humans.

I'm just wondering, isn't fish a type of meat??

When speaking of "social programming", we need to bear in mind that the depth of one's conditioning which would not allow him/her to eat human flesh is as deep as the conditioning of an individual who see's eating animal flesh as a way of life. Using morality and being "humane" as core reasons not to eat meat is futile as many other things we indulge ourselves in are as questionable. Health risks of meat consumption will make sense to more people as it is not as broad and diverse as morality is.

well if we do eat meat there is a problem in all of the animals dieing but its do good

I believe humans have earned the right to consume other animals because we worked hard to rise to the top of the food chain. If you think eating meat is wrong, imagine a hungry meat eating chicken the size of a minivan. Do you think he would eat you because he CAN eat you? Of course he would, and he wouldn't give a rat's ass that your suffering as he pecks your intestines out!

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