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What is Life Studies: Comments

The following are comments on "What is Life Studies: Comments" in a former blog thread. Please feel free to post your comments.

  • Peace unto all... Let me more actively participate for universal brotherhood. Why dont you suggest me a group which devoted their life for the same.

    Warm regards to Life studies team.

    By Arekepudi Suresh, at 9:57 PM, October 15, 2005  

  • let me meet you

    By Arekepudi suresh, at 10:02 PM, October 15, 2005  

  • your study intrigues me...
    but i admit that to study life is to study something that goes on continuously but has no pattern. I am more intrigued that you shall study something that surpass all of you. I pray that you do not underestimate the content of life...for sometimes...life kicks you in the ass.

    By Anonymous, at 6:47 PM, December 17, 2005  


i agree with every thing that has been said here so thanks alot

Leading life is just a play of mind. A mind under control of when to think when to stop gives enormous power to live happily every moment.

Excellent & Great JOb...

All the best to Life studies team

. You start a good venture. however you start with your own defeat. an agnost is not sure even if he is, then what about the Sacred thing as LIFE. you are not convinced of what you are doing, then find first certanity only then go on. to do this is not possible by categorically saying you have no religion.

some people just drag out these arguements on weather we should eat meat or not.
if people want to eat meat dont judge them. its their choice and same for those who dont eat meat.

If you see creation and you compare it with Life you will notice that
probably there is very little life in the Universe but instead 99.9% matter.
Instead of asuming life is something special it could be that life is just
the degeneration of matter.Or in other words life is just infected matter.
So what the use thinking about evolution or not. Matter is sick!! That`s all.
And these is the reason why people killed themselves in the name of God.
It`s better if life goes and leaves matter in peace.
Yours: A virus named Ernest Ewing

Given that life ends in a shipwreck,the greatest test is the courage to come back to the present and transcend orgiastic solution to life's emptiness by seeking what is true, to ourself,our God and the universe insync.

You acknowledge the fact that for some reason that you cannot yet live a life of no regreta,? So you seek for the answer as to how to live a regretless life. However as much this is an intriguing thing...i think that such thing all differs from each person. So a society which it will be able to let a person live without regret is impossible. For people are not perfect and people brings disappointment and a scoiety consists of people, so a society can bring much disappointment as well...

HOwever it is my personal belief that in order to have a life with no regrets...one must be able to accept the life that person has lived, everything that one has experiences wether it is something good or bad. No one's perfect...and a life with no regrets doesn't equal to perfection anyways...a life with no regrets is already just up to the person. Well that's all in my opinion anyways.

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