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Psychological care of the family


The translation of Chapter 2 of Brain Dead Person (1989) was finally finished. Translation was made by Alex Jones, thank you Alex!

Chapter 2 (translation here) is the most important part of this book. There I introduced the idea "care of the sphere." Sphere means the sphere of human relationships surrounding a brain dead person in a hospital. In the intensive care unit in a hospital the family of a brain dead person try to accept the death of the patient by caring for the patient (at least in Japan where brain death does not necessarily mean death). In some cases they accept, but in other cases they don't accept or refuse the idea of brain death. In this chapter I proposed doctors and nurses to "help the family to attend the brain dead person." Please read the text for details.

This book was published in 1989, and probably this was the first book that stressed the importance of the care for the family who are attending the brain dead person (not for harvesting organs but for the psychological care of the family). Do you know any other materials in English?

Anyway, it was 15 years ago. I was 30 years old when I published this book. Time flies.

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