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The Insensitive man was published today (See Feb.1). This is probably the most sensational book I have ever published. This is an analysis of male sexuality, (especially male frigidity), school uniform fetishism, rorikon, etc. The followings are the translation of the first paragraph of the book.

In this book, I'm going to write about the insensitivity of men. Some men suffer from sexual fantacies such as mini-skirts, uniform fetishism, rorikon (Lolita fetishism) and rape because of their insensitivity. For the purpose of this study, I will be talking a lot about myself. This is not a general theory of man, but actually, I want to investigate this problem from the perspective of my own self. (The Insensitive man, p.7)

Sex therapy talks about male orgasmic dysfunction, and sometimes calls it "male frigidity," but what I mean by this term is completely different from sex therapy's concept. In my view, it is something that is closely connected to various fetishes and "abnormal" sexualities (including desire toward anime girls, which is prevalent among young Japanese men).

I will show you the table of contents next time.

(To be continued...)

Photo: Cover of The Insensitive Man

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