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A new book on male sexuality, entitled "The Insensitive Man (Kanjinai Otoko in Japanese)", will be published next week. In this book I emphasized that men's sexuality like mine is basically characterized by its insensitivity to sexual fulfillment and happiness, and the basic emotion is that of depression concerning sexual desire. I called this "male frigidity." Male frigidity is not a matter of dysfunction of a sexual organ, as sex therapists put it, but a kind of existential, philosophical problem of a person like me. (What about you?) I wrote a related article on Octber 24, 2004.

In the book, I also analyzed the reason why men like school uniforms, and why they become rorikon, Lolita fetishism. My theory is very strange and unique, so I am not sure how this book will be accepted to Japanese readers. I have read books on male sexuality written in English and Japanese, but I couldn't find books similar to mine. So, it might be stimulating to not only Japanese but also English readers.

The translation of this book is now in progress, so I think I can show you the contents here or on the main website little by little in the near future. If you are interested in this topic please stop by from time to time. I am not sure how many of you are interested in Japanese anime/manga culture, especially its fetish of rorikon, seifuku, and little girls (Just like Hayao Miyazaki's anime film, f.g. Spirited Away and others), but if you are interested you are sure to enjoy my book!

(To be continued...)

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