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Korean Painless Civilization


The Korean translation of Painless Civilization was published on Feburary 25, 2005, from a Korean publisher. To the left is the photo of the cover of the translated book. You can see the Chinese characters representing "painless civilization" and Korean characters (Hangul) at the bottom.

It is surprising that they translated the whole book only for a year. Of course Japanese and Korean share similar grammars and vocabularies, but I was surprised at their speed. Comparatively, it is a pity that I have translated only "Preface&Section 1 " of the book into English! I have to resume translation soon.

I searched through Korean internet resources and found that at least two very long book reviews appeared in Korean nation-wide newspapers. I read them using a web translation service. The book reviews were interesting. They interpreted the main points of the book correctly. There seems to be lots of commentaries on Korean personal blogs, but I can't read Korean, so I don't know how this book is being accepted by Korean readers now. (See the page for this book in a Korean online bookstore's website.)

If you are interested in the translation of this book into your native language, please send an email to me. Probably readers of your country will have an interest in the topics discussed in Painless Civilization.

 -- M.Morioka www.lifestudies.org

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