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Men's liberation


The translation of the first part of Chapter 1 of The Insensitive Man was uploaded. You may be surprised to see that the author of Brain Dead Person and other serious writings published a book full of "coarse" words such as mini-sirkt, panties, etc. However, contrary to the appearance, this is another serious approach to men's sexuality and men's liberation. At least I believe so. And I think this is also an example of research in "life studies."

In this part, I analyzed the reason why I am attracted to women's mini-skirt and found that it has a close relationship with men's mental function of expectation of something under the skirt. And this expectation is made against the woman's intention.

... Hence, I must accurately restate myself. That is to say, the most important thing is that the inside of the skirt is on the verge of visibility despite the fact that the woman intentionally tries to conceal it... (The Insensitive Man, p.18)

The second part of Chapter 1 will be uploaded soon. Please enjoy.

Photo: A building near my apartment.

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