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Men's sexuality


The third printing of The Insensitive Man is going to appear in bookstores this month. Many book reviews appeared in newspapers and magazines. I will translate some of them, and add them to the page of The Insensitive Man. It is very interesting to see that when the reviewer is male, he sometimes tries to stress that he does not fully understand the author's sexuality. I don't know why, but he is probably afraid to be considered as a person with same sexual tendencies. On the contrary, in some blogs where people can speak anonymously, we can see lots of sympathy with the author's sexuality. More than 200 comments have been posted on personal blogs. These commentaries are, in a sense, an important subject of study on men's sexuality and their inner thoughts about sex.

The translation of Preface of The Insensiteve Man was uploaded. Please visit and read. Translation was made by Jamie Grefe. Thank you Jamie. The translation of Chapter 1 will be uploaded soon.

It is getting warm here. I am very happy to see cherry blossoms and other spring flowers again.

 -- M.Morioka www.lifestudies.org

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