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Nikki Bado-Fralick, Erin McCathy


The reason for my visit to Hawaii was to join East West Philosophers' Conference held in East West Center, Hawaii University. I attended some sessions and found them very interesting. The campus of Hawaii University was covered with lots of tropical trees and plants. The university itself is like a kind of botanic garden. I love this university. During lunch time I had lunch in the campus center, and took a look at the university bookstore.

One of the most interesting sessions was "Learing of cultures and cultures of learning" in which scholars of Japanese studies talked about the relationship between education and the body in Japanese traditinal philosophy. Especially, Kukai's theory and practice of the body presented by Nikki Bado-Fralick, Iowa State University, and comparative research bewteen Watsuji Tetsuro and Luce Irigaray presented by Erin McCathy, Saint Lawrence University were interesting. I was very impressed with their ways of talking about Japanese philosphers, particularly their interpretation of Japanese discources. Nikki mentioned the name, Yuasa Yasuo, who are well-known for his phiosophy of the body. It was interesting because Yuasa was one of my teachers of philosophy when I was in Tokyo University. I was influenced by his philosphy and his books. listening to their talk, I thought that Japanese philosophies might become more popular among "Western" people gradually in the future, because Japanese ideas on the body and life sound very interesting when presented in English!

After the session I took a bus from Hawaii University to Waikiki, but the time table I had was wrong, so I was taken to a wrong destination, and I got a panic. I changed to another bus and finally got to Waikiki in the evening. The sunset was beautiful.

Photo: At Honolulu Airport

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