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Emptiness after ejaculation


"Men Who Turn Their Eyes Away from “Male Frigidity”", the translation of Chapter 2 of The Insensitive man, was uploaded. In this chapter I talked about an aspect of the reality of men's ejaculation, particularly, the feeling of emptiness after ejaculation, that is to say, the fact that the ejaculation is not ecstasy at all for many men, or at least for me.

There is a myth about the ejaculation. This is the myth that the ejaculation feels wonderful and is the experience of supreme bliss. There must be many people who think that the ejaculation is an experience of supreme bliss for men. In particular, women simply believe that to be true, don’t they? Nevertheless, here lies a big trap.

In retracing my thoughts during moments of sexual excitement, I realize that I was thinking that I could experience an amazing pleasure by ejaculating, but in fact, after ejaculating, there is only a mocking emptiness as if I were stranded in a dry desert. (The Insensitive Man, p.28, 31.)

I began my discussion with the question, "What do men do with pornography after ejaculation?". What about you? Take the time to think about yourself, and read this chapter. This chapter is one of the most controversial ones in the book. The translation of subsequent sections is under way. The meaning of the word "male frigidity" is slightly different from the ones found in textbooks on sex therapy. This topic is discussed in the next section.

By the way, the Korean translation of this book will be published later in the year. My former book, Painless Civilization, was translated and published in Korea early this year, hence, this will be my second Korean book. I met the translator last month. She had already translated the whole book. I am going to write about our meeting in this blog.

I am planning to find a publisher for the English version of this book, but what do you think?

Photo: Ryukoku University, Kyoto

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