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I have been busy writing a paper on men's sexuality and its relationship with contemporary pop culture. Yesterday I finally finished writing it. I read one of the classics of the Japanese girls' comic (shoujo manga), Poem of Wind and Tree (Kaze to Ki no Uta), and I was greatly moved by the drama the author created. This manga is also well-known as the origin of contemporary "yaoi manga" or "boys love," in which beautiful young boys make love with each other, including SM and/or rape between the same sex, but the readers of such mangas are mostly girls and women, and the authors are also women. The author of Poem of Wind and Tree, Keiko Takemiya, female, is widely respected as one of the founders of the Japanese manga, and she is now a professor at Kyoto Seika University. Is this interesting to you? I will talk about this topic in the next (next) entry.

By the way, I am going to upload my paper, "Cross-cultural Approaches to the Philosophy of Life in the Contemporary World," which was written three years ago and published last year. Please give me time to retype the whole text because the published one was edited and improved by an English editor.....

After that I will examine the translation of the rest of Chapter 2 of Insensitive Man. And after that the translation of Painless Civilization..... Alas!

Photo: Ryukoku University, Kyoto

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