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Death after ejaculation


Today, I uploaded the second part of Chapter 2 of The Insensitive man, "Men Who Turn Their Eyes Away from “Male Frigidity”." In this part I talked about the "emptiness after ejaculation" further, and emphasized that it is just like the "feeling of falling" into death.

There are two indications as to the frigidity of man. The first is that there is not an immense sense of physical ecstasy in the ejaculation. It is no more than the instant pleasure of bodily excretion. Secondly, after ejaculating, the excitement instantly dries up. My whole body is listless and there is a dark emptiness as if in a nightmare. (p.32)

I don't know how many of you agree with me, but this is my reality. However, not a few readers of the Japanese edition of this book have agreed with me on this ponit, hence, I presume there will be many men around the world who feel just like me. I wrote as follows:

That is to say, the process from erection up until the ejaculation is like this: First there is an “I feel great” satisfaction, and a moment of excretory pleasure follows. Then, all of a sudden, like a big gap, the process of lethargy, emptiness and defeat come down upon me. Whenever I have sex, or perhaps, whenever I masturbate, there is this attack. After ejaculating, I have the feeling of wanting to divert my eyes from things sexual, but as time goes by, my sexual desires come back and the process continues all over again. In this way, through one’s whole life there are the repeated feelings of falling and this is the typical symptom for male frigidity. (p.34)

Of course when I have sex with a woman I love, things are so different, but in this case emptiness is just "mentally" compensated by my affection to the woman. If you are interested in this, please read the translated text.

I am continuing to examine the translation of the next part, so I hope it will be uploaded soon. If you have any comments please post them on the comment page below.

Photo: Namba Parks, Osaka

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I wish I could buy this book in English, It spoke of what I have felt for a long time.

It is so true when I have sex or masturbate I feel on top of the world, that when I cum it will go somewhere. But there is nothing just hollowness and I just feel alone.
No one ever talks about this.

Evolutionary it makes sense, a irresistible trigger of sexual impulses and feeling. Pleasurable so that you will continue to have sex, then once the sperm have been deposited there is no reason for you to continue, so it shuts you down, shuts you down hard.

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