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Kinsey and the emptiness after ejaculation


I have uploaded the translation of the remaining part of Section 1, Chapter 2 of The Insensitive Man. In this part I illustrated how sexual science and sex therapy have ignored the idea of post-ejaculatory emptiness. I think the cause of this neglect should be attributed to Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey realized through his extensive research that there were men who do not feel good after the ejaculation. However, in his book Sexual Behavior in the Human male, he ignored the psychological diversity of ejaculatory experiences.

Kinsey deliberately states that orgasm should not be mixed up with the “pleasure” resulting from orgasm. Furthermore, Kinsey clearly states that there are various degrees of sexual satisfaction, and that there are such cases where “there is little pleasure accompanying an ejaculation.” Kinsey had realized the existence of “male frigidity.” But, surprisingly enough, just after that he declares as follows:

"But we have no statistics on the frequencies of physiologic differences, or of the various degrees of satisfaction, and, in the present study, all cases of ejaculation have been taken as evidence of orgasm, without regard to the different levels at which the orgasms have occurred. "(Alfred C. Kinsey et al., Sexual behavior in the Human Male. 1948, pp.159-160.)

Kinsey ignored the psychological diversity he had realized. By this declaration, made by Alfred Kinsey, the father of contemporary sexual science, was created the formula that ejaculation equals orgasm equals the sexual climax. And then, the issue of “male frigidity” has since disappeared from the forefront of sexual science. (The Insensitive Man, p.42.)

I think Wilhelm Reich had clearly realized and stressed that some men feel emptiness or a sense of disgust after the ejaculation, but he was the exception. Kinsey himself refered to Reich in this book, but he did not follow Reich. Three months ago I saw the movie Kinsey directed by Bill Condon. Although this was a second-rate movie, it was a really interesting film because it provides us with lots of information about Keinsey's personal life and the American society's responses to his sex research. I would recommend you if you are interested in sexual science and/or Alfred Kinsey himself.

The next part of Chapter 2 of The Insensitive Man deals with the sense that "something is gathering there," the sense of which most men know and most women (probably) do not.

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 -- M.Morioka www.lifestudies.org

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Impressive first two chapters, definitely will read whole work when translation will be available. You made an accessible reference book out of your intimate experience - this is true favor for most of us not so verbally literate people. I really appreciate the thoughts about male frigidity - I suffered it since my first masturbation. But because of hacker nature I fought it with all strength I have. I admired women at orgasm as sacred goal. In short I should state out of my personal experience that male frigidity is not a dead end - it is hard, but possible to overcome (no matter masturbation or intercourse) and here you are two - flavors of recipes:
1. From philosophic point of view during sex one should switch from making expectations (plans) about whatever consequences to receiving the reality as it is coming. This is how woman works. For orgasmic woman there is too hard to count on and think about particular sexual satisfaction result when she is having sex. She (and he) has a lot of creative work to do to evoke her sexual feelings and because too many factors the outcome may deviate greatly. As to say her destination is hidden till the arrival and to be "stranded in a dry desert" is just one of many options. Think of every moan from woman as "thank-you" to the OBJECTIVITY. I may speculate further to the aesthetics, subject desire for conjunction with the object, etc.
2. From practical point of view the map of employed male erogenous zones most often is TOO primitive. I won't go deeper here - one could simply compare with woman's (or "simply" try without penis). And remember - there is no miracle nerves in women that are absent in men (it is not a theory, but sole practice).

i have never heard of male frigidity, per se. i've known of men who seem to shun sex. is that a similar concept? do men become frigid for the same underlying reasons as woman, i.e., self-image issues or self-loathing, shame, etc.? Morioka, if i may ask you a personal question; you stated that your greastest regret is being born and brought up male. why? please expound. i am trying to understand the "male condition." men are definitely a different animal from the double x's.

i think i can relate to the feeling of emptiness post-orgasm, although for a woman, the reasons must be different; they usually stem from an emotional etiology. what do you think?

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