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Movable Type


I have just installed Movable Type instead of Blogger. Now you can send a trackback from your blog page. And you can find "Category" section and "Recent Comments" section in the side bar. For some reasons the recent comments section does not work automatically, but anyway it works correctly by hand. It took a lot of time to install Movable Type. I am a little exhausted now.

I am going to move the older posts to this blog little by little. Please change your bookmark, link, or RSS to this blog. http://www.lifestudies.org/weblog/

I would like to talk about environmental ethics in the next post.

Photo: Osaka Prefecture University

 -- M.Morioka www.lifestudies.org

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hy masahiro, good luck with your new blog, hope everything is fine, we look anxiuos to the next entry. arash

Awesome blog. Peace out until next time TabathaOster

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