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Tassos Missouras, Conscioussness Communication, dream navigator


I was surprised to know that Greek painter Tassos Missouras's retrospective exhibition is now held at Frissiras Museum in Athens, Greece, under the title of "Dream Navigator 1985 - 2005." "Dream navigator" was the concept I introduced in my book, Consciousness Communication (1993, in Japanese). I did not know the painter Tassos Missouras, but he seems to know my book, because the exhibition curator, Martha Chalikia, writes on the Museum's webpage as follows:

The exhibition’s title “Dream Navigator” refers to a concept invented by the Japanese philosopher Masahiro Morioka and which is found in his book Consciousness Communication: The Birth of a Dream Navigator, Chikuma Bunko, 1993: I proposed the new concept “Dream Navigator” in order to depict possible future interactions among the sub-consciousness of participants in cyber-space. People’s consciousness and sub-consciousness are guided by a dream navigator and their collective imaginations create and unimaginable world of our collective dreams. The relations and the effect of the “Dream Navigator” are evident in the last artistic period of Tassos Missouras. (Webpage)

The italics in the above was the text quoted from the Conscioussness Communication page of our website, hence, probably Tassos got to know this book when visiting our site. According to that page, Tassos Missouras was born in Larissa in 1963. He studied in the Athens School of Fine Arts under professors Yannis Moralis and Dimitris Mytaras. You can see one of his paintings here.

Come to think of it, I remember that Niki Lambropoulos, who is also Greek, mentioned "conscioussness communication" in her paper (PDF). I suspect Niki introduced this concept to Tasso, or vice versa. Or some article which discussed this concept might have been published in Greece. Anyway, it is a mystery why the words "conscioussness communication" are popular? in Greece.

The Japanese version of Conscioussness Communication became out of print this February. It's sad news. Someday I would like to rewrite this book and translate into English. This is a kind of "cult" book. There are some readers, although very few, who enthusiastically support this book. Some of you might be interested in this book as well.

Photo: Pachinko, Pachisuro, Chiba

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hy masahiro, I wish one would finance you a translator, you works are really written for western interests too, it´s a pity , but your blog is a really good introduction to your philosophy. and thanks about all your care about us english readers :) arash

Hi Morioka
You are the most interesting person i have read about in past weeks.. I would like to meet you personally.. How can i get in touch with you??

Hi, Kornelius Werhahn-Mees, please visit this page and give me an email. Best wishes.

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