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Aims and motives of life studies


I am writing a paper on "life studies" in Japanese. By the way, what impression do you have of the words, "life studies"? A professor replied that this term sounds like a kind of "life history study," that is, the study of a person's life history from birth to the present. This is not wrong because life studies places special importance on a researcher's own life, that is, how the researcher actually live his/her life; however, life studies is not the same as life history studies. Life studies seeks to integrate both the study of a researcher's own actual life, and more general philosophy of life, death, and nature.

On this blog I often talk about issues in bioethics (medical ethics). This is because those issues have a special importance in life studies in the age of contemporary scientific civilization. I have not talked about environmental issues so often, but some of my books dealt with environmental ethics as a key issue in life studies, hence I think of writing about environmental issues here from now on. Another characteristic of life studies is the criticism of current civilization. Our life is molded by contemporary materialistic civilization and our view of life is heavily biased by it. This is the reason life studies have to criticize contemporary civilization. My criticism can be found in the book Painless Civilization. I am thinking of advancing this criticism.

Isn't it important to advance this kind of study worldwide? Anyway, I have to clarify the idea of life studies, and try to provide an explanation that makes it easier to understand the aims and motives of life studies. I am going to completely rewrite the life studies page after I finish the paper.

It is getting warmer and warmer here in Osaka. This year I want to go abroad at least twice, and if possible three times.

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hy Masahiro, when I hear the word life studies I think of a new approach to the question what is man, and what is man allowed. At all I think of something new, going straight to the bottom of the problems and not theorizing too much.
You have a lot to do and have a lot planned, great, it´s always good when one is active. I look forward to the new thoughts on the lifestudies page.
Hope you are doing well, thanks arash

Thanks arash. I would like to know what the readers would feel when hearing the words "life studies." Sounds good, or sounds strange?

to me it sounds good. have a nice weekend, your arash

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