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Racist cartoon image


In the SistainTokyo blog, you can see some racist illustrations that are printed in a booklet distributed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. I was really shocked to see these cartoons. This is a booklet for "earthquake preparedness." The followings are a couple of examples.

Pay a special attention to the black man's roles in these illustrations. This illustration was made by a Japanese illustrator. I am astonished with the illustrator's lack of imagination about foreigners of African origin living and working in the Tokyo area. However, you should also know that the governer of Tokyo, Mr.Ishihara, is notorious for his racist comments against Asian and other foreigners. See this article "Foreign Worker Groups Protest Gov. Ishihara's Racist Remarks". More problematic is that Mr.Ishihara has enormous popularity among Tokyo residents in spite of his racist and discriminative attitudes. His discriminative remarks on disabled people are also well-known to the general public.

Anyway, what do you think of the above illustrations?

Please read my post Racist cartoons (2) June 25th, 2006, for the subsequent result.

Photo: A bookstore near my apartment

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some people just will never learn it. I don´t know what the roots of modern fanatism are, by I personally am totally sick of that. we are talking about getting one world, but in real sth. else is happening. isn´t it so? I don´t know.

The following is another racist image. From BBC site:
"Adidas hit over 'racist' trainer: Sportswear giant Adidas is facing complaints over a new trainer that some say features a racist cartoon image"


i sa similar cartoon a white ago when i was in HK , but quite frankly the hatred of the asians towards black in general is beyond my imagination, i only react when confronted to it, otherwise i dont waste my time educating people about my blackness i mean why

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