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Disabled Peoples' International conference in Japan


I have been busy for the last two weeks. I couldn't post a new entry until today. Yesterday I attended an annual conference of the Japanese DPI (Didabled Peoples' Internatinal) to serve as a discussant at a special panel discussion about the value of life. Other discussants were Shinya Tateiwa, Professor at Ritsumeikan University, Misao Hashimoto, President of the Japanese ALS Association, Hiroshi Kataoka, President of the Aoishiba (cerebral palsy) Group, Yumiko Kawaguchi, Director of the Japanese ALS Association, and Shoji Nakanishi, Committee Member of the Japanese DPI. It is surprising that such splendid guests got together and had a discussion about disability and the value of life. Personally, the most impressive participant was Misao Hashimoto. She was an ALS patient and could not move her body except for some facial muscles. She expressed her inner voices with a subtle movement of eyebrows and eyelids, and those movements were "translated" by her daughter.

I will write about this conference in the next post.

Photo: Books in my office.

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my friend lynn who is an esl teacher in tokyo turned me on to your life sutdies. im very excited and look forward to exploring your work.it seems more than coincidental that your studies have come across my path at this time. ive been thinking alot lately on life "practices". this will surely fill out my exploration beautifully! thanx.

Thanks, dale. Your comment encourages me a lot. I hope to keep in touch with you and Lynn.

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