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Bioethics and Politics, Albany, New York


I am in Albany now. This blog has been updated. Please visit the top and read the newest. 

I am going to Albany, NY, USA, to join the conference, Bioethics and Politics: The Future of Bioethics in a Divided Democracy, to be held on July 13-14. You can see the program of the conference on the web. I am not sure when my presentation is scheduled, but anyway I will carry my computer and wait for my turn. I am planning to talk about a comparison between the US and Japan, the concept of "fundamental sense of security," the idea of "painless civilization," and the importance of "philosophy of life," which have been the main topics in this blog. I am not sure whether the audience will have an interest in these topics, because this is a conference about bioethics and "politics," and my presentation is about bioethics and "philosophy". I would hope some people will respond to my presentation and our life studies project. It seems that I am the only person who comes to the conference to give a talk from the Asian region.

Some bloggers have talked about this conference. Visit Women's Bioethics Project and bioethics.net. They are thinking that there will be a bloody combat between conservatives and liberals. I don't like this kind of war in the field of bioethics. I would like to give a talk about the importance of philosophy in the age of globalization and terrorism. (Abstract of my talk)

After the conference I will spend a few days in Albany and take a look around the city and colleges. I want to see the Hudson River and the campus of State University of New York. If possible, I will post an entry from Albany.

Photo: Blue sky.

   -- M.Morioka www.lifestudies.org

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