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Bioethics in a Globalized World


I am going to China to participate in the 8th World Congress of Bioethics next week. The title of my presentation is "Ethical Issues in the Age of Painless Civilization: "Preventive Reduction of Pain" and "Fundamental Sense of Security."" I am thinking of talking about the idea of painless civilization and its relation to current biomedical technologies. Only ten minutes are allowed for the presentation, so I am not sure if I can fully convey my thought to the audience.

Augst 7
CS23: Bioethics in a Globalized World
Coordinators: Dan Brock and Godfrey Tangwa

Kayhan Parsi
Bioethics without borders: justices and service learning at Loyola University Chicago

Masahiro Morioka
Ethical issues in the age of painless civilization: “preventive reduction of pain” and “fundamental sense of security”

Maria Solino
Ethical principles and global citizenship: an engaged Buddhist perspective

Brunetto Chiarbili
Global bioethics: A suggested distinction between ethic and morality

Prasert Palitponganpim
Bioethics in Thailand: an experience from Non-Government organization in Thailand


Several sessions will be held simultaneously in the afternoon. It is interesting to talk about painless civilization in the context of globalization.

I don't know whether a hotel room has free internet access. If the room has a LAN connection, I will be able to update the blog from Beijing.

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