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Culture of life; Albany bioethics conference


I am in a hotel in Albany, NY. It's raining outside. Yesterday and today I received some emails and attached files. The files include the list of speakers and their abstracts. My presentation is scheduled in the Group One on the second day, July 14th. The title of this group is “The Culture of Life.” There will be three presentations: John A. Robertson's “Moving the Mountain: Compromise and the Culture of Life,” Carrie Gordon Earll's “Intolerance or Invitation: Conservative religious voices in bioethics,” and my “How to Reconcile Liberal and Conservative Bioethics: A Japanese Philosopher's View of the American Controversy.” John Robertson is a liberal and Carrie Gordon Earll is a conservative. This session will probably become a very interesting one. It is a pity that I will not be able to hear other speakers' presentations because there are simultaneously five sessions in the morning. The conference organizer said that they would air the recorded videotapes of the presentations on their website, hence, we might be able to see missed group sessions afterwards.

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hy masahiro, wow one day left till your essay! glad you could post from Albany. will you post about the reactions to your essay?? I think one of your main points is that we should think beyond conservative, liberal distinction.wish you the best , arash

I am going to the conference room from now. The first day was very interesting. I will write about it tonight or next moring. I met Kathryn Hinsch, women's bioethics project. Great.

Mr. Morioka, as an expatriot of upstate NY (the region in which you are) I can say with confidence it rains all the time. All the time.

I was referred to your site by traffic from your site. I'm an MA student in philosophy doing work on Wittgenstein. I'm interested in reading your paper from this conference and any work you have written about Wittgenstein and ethics: books, articles. Please refer me to anything relevant.

I have just come back from the conference. My presentation was successful. I will write about it after taking a nap.

Hi, Michael. I will visit your blog. It's a clear sky today in Albany.

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