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Beijing bioethics conference, and Americanization


I have just finished preparing for my presentation at the Beijing bioethics conference. I will fly to Beijing on August 3rd, and stay at a hotel near Tien An Men for a week. This is my first trip to China. I am a little nervous because I can't speak Chinese..... Japanese and Chinese share similar Chinese characters, however, pronuciations are "completely" different, and our cultures are also different (probably). Anyway, I will walk around Beijing and see how people are living in this changing metropolis.

Last month I was in Albany, New York, a city in the most "wealthy" country in the world, and this week I am in Beijing, another most important city in the world. Every time I come back from the US, I feel that Japan is becoming more and more a mini-America in its materialism and commercialism. Then, what about China? What's going on out there?

In addition to a PowerPoint presentation, I have made a leaflet that shows an outline of the criticism of painless civilization. I am thinking of handing out the leaflet to those who show interest in this topic. You can download the leaflet (PDF).

I am going to attend sessions on "Unit 731." It is going to be an exciting experience for me to hear presentations and responses from the audience.

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Photo: Night in Osaka

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Hy Masahiro, wish you best luck in China. Is Japan really becoming a little America? I was busy the last weeks,so I didnĀ“t check out the blog, wist best wishes Arash

Hi Masahiro Morioka,

I attended the IAB conference in Beijing as well. I am a Canadian PhD student in philosophy specializing in bioethics. I just happened accross your blog, but I have been very interested in the way that a lot of genetic technology seems to be about avoiding suffering. I also think that there may be something to be lost if we were to eliminate suffering. Therefore, I find your work very interesting. I was wondering whether you could let me know whether this talk that you gave in Beijing could be made available to me (I have read the handout and the online paper). Further, have you written anything else on the topic?

Thanks for considering my questions.

Hi!, Meredith. Thank you for your post. So you were among the audience of that session. The handout and the uploaded translations are all you can read in English about painless civilization at present. We will try to convert my Japanese writings into English little by little so please give us time....

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