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Pleasure seeking, maintainance of stability, and sacrificing others


It is still very hot in Osaka. I don't recommend you to come to huge cities like Osaka, Kobe or Tokyo in August. It's so humid and hot that you can't go out and see around the city on foot. October and November are the best season to visit Japan.

By the way, the translation of some new paragraphs in Chapter 1 of Painless Civilization was uploaded. In this section I discussed the nature of "desire of the body," which serves as a driving force to develop "painless civilization." "Desire of the body" is something that lurks behind the deep layer of our existence, develops the stream of painless civilization, and gradually kills our deep joy of life.

The five dimensions of "desire of the body" are as follows:

1) Pleasure seeking, agony avoiding

2) Maintenance of stability and the status quo

3) Expansion and Exploitation

4) Sacrificing others

5) Control of One’s Life, Living Beings, and Nature

And this five types of “desire of the body” mentioned above profoundly determine patterns of human behavior. Furthermore, the “desire of the body” has become the set-in-motion driving force of our civilization.

"Desire of the body" is a term I coined. I tried to explain in the translated text the reason why I chose the word "body" for expressing this concept. Please visit and read the details of my speculations.

We are now proceeding to the central discussion of Chapter 1 of Painless Civilization. It takes a lot of time to translate a Japanese book into English. Please be patient and wait for the next part.

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