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To live out one's life without regret


I am still writing a paper on the methodology of "life studies." I have decided to divide "life studies" into two levels, namely, "life studies in general" that functions as the necessary condition for the formation of life studies, and "personal life studies" the content of which is to be defined by a person who practices his/her own life studies. And the life studies Morioka is pursuing on the second level is called "life studies for living out one's life without regret." I know this is too abstract for you to follow. I will try to write more in detail after I finish writing this paper.

At the same time I have been reading papers on life extension and immortality. This is a really interesting topic. Of course, I am eager to live longer, but I also feel that our desire to live longer as much as possible will lead us to a trap we would never want to fall into. It's really difficult to put this into words. Please give me time to clarify my thoughts. Want to live another 20 years? Sure. Want to live another 50 years? Probably. Want to live another 500 years? Hmmm.... Why can't I say "sure!" to this last question? Probably, here lies the central question.

I will post again soon.

Photo: Kudan Kaikan, Tokyo

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hy masahiro, great that you are progressing on your paper. Life extension is really a hard theme, I also donĀ“t know if I want to live another 500 years, really a curious idea! ok, with best wishes, Arash

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