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A new approach to bioethics


These days I have been thinking of rewriting my Japanese book, A Life Studies Approach to Bioethics, published in 2001 (So far I have translated the title of this book as, Life Studies Approaches to Bioethics, but this translation might be a misleading one. I am not sure which one would be better suited. Do you have any suggestion?) And I am now planning to rewrite it in English, which means that the content of the whole book will be reexamined and restructured in English, and further discussions will be introduced if needed. Therefore, this is not mere translation, but something equivalent to writing the second edition of this book.

Last year I joined bioethics conferences in the USA, China, and Germany, and It became clear that my discussion in this book would be helpful to the international discussion on bioethics and philosophy of life. Especially, discussions on brain death, feminist bioethics, abortion, disabled people's bioethics, and new eugenics will be able to make a significant impact on an international audience in this field. When rewriting the book, I have to read a number of important books and papers that have been published after 2001. And of course my English should be edited by a native speaker.

I am not sure whether I should try to find a publisher, or just put the English text on this website. Publication from Osaka Prefecture University might be one possibility (but they probably do not have a skill to sell in the international acdemic market). Anyway, the original book was warmly welcomed in Japan, so I believe the English edition will attract many readers who are interested in biothics and contemporary philosophy.

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  -- M.Morioka www.lifestudies.org

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