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August 29, 2007

Bioethics and sociology of medicine


I have not updated this blog and our website for more than two months, but I am fine, healthy, and trying to finish two new books in Japanese, so please do not worry (^_^). The books I am writing are an introductory one that deals with men's studies and a collection of short philosophical essays.

And after finish writing, I will make a digital file of the English version of Brain Dead Person, and write several papers in English, and rewrite the book Life Studies Approaches to Bioethics in English, which was published in 2001 in Japanese. I will come back to this blog and website within a year or so :-).

I really think the English language is still a major hurdle to overcome. In Japanese I can think and write quickly, but it takes a lot of time to translate it into English in my head. Current Japanese bioethics and sociology of medicine are becoming really interesting. I want to show the outline of our discussion made in Japanese in recent years. And I want to also write about our research project on the philosophy of life at our college. It will become more and more important to exchange ideas with people with various cultural backgrounds in this field.

I will write about this again in the next post.

  -- M.Morioka www.lifestudies.org