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About this site

About this Site was launched on December 3, 1999, to promote discussion on life studies, philosophy of life, environmental ethics, bioethics, gender studies, and criticism of contemporary civilization. The site contains papers, essays, and other materials written by the administrator, Masahiro Morioka, and other authors.

Masahiro Morioka is a philosopher and a professor at Waseda University, Japan. See detailed information about Masahiro Morioka.

You can read a detailed explanation of life studies and philosophy of life here.

In addition to this English website, also has separate sites in Japanese and French. The Japanese site, which has been administered by Morioka since 1998, contains more than 100 papers and essays, an outline of each of Morioka's books, and other related materials. The French site, administered by Hiroko Shohoji and others, contains essays by the administrators as well as translations of selected papers and excerpts from books by Morioka.

This site has received generous support from volunteers, some of whom have translated or edited the administrator's English while others have given valuable advice on content. If you would also like to contribute to our project, especially translations to languages other than English, please contact the administrator.

The following is a list of individuals who have offered their support to the site

Alex Jones
Jamie Grefe
Kenny Gundle
Yuko Tamura

Ethan Schwalbe
Kumi Tsukahara
Takanobu Kinjo

Robert Chapeskie

The administrator would also like to sincerely thank Dr. Darryl Macer, at American University of Sovereign Nations, for his friendship and continuous support of this site from its inception.

Note: we are not affiliated with any religious organization or political party..