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Life Studies for Beginners
: A Philosophy of Life for Facing Oneself

Masahiro Morioka

This book contains introductory lectures on spiritual care for terminally ill patients, the relationship between parents and children, conditional love, a painless civilization, feminism, eugenic thought, disability, and other topics.

It was published for laypeople who are interested in philosophical and ethical issues in contemporary society and is intended to serve as a handbook for beginners in life studies. It includes a summary of two of my other books, Life Studies Approaches to Bioethics, and Painless Civilization.


Chapter 1  Understanding Life

Chapter 2  How to Think about "Conditional Love"?

Chapter 3  Escape from Compassionate Control

Chapter 4  The Fate of a Painless Civilization

Chapter 5  "Social Withdrawal" and a Painless Civilization

Chapter 6  Why is Life Studies Needed?

Chapter 7  A Dialogue with the Life of "the Dead"

Chapter 8  How Should We Fight against Disempowerment?

Postscript  A Philosophy of Life for Facing Oneself

Publication Information

Transview Publications, Tokyo, July 10 ,2005, 194 pages, 1600 yen, written in Japanese.

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