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Herbivore Men will Bring Your Last Love (2008)

Masahiro Morioka

A how-to guide for women who want to go out with herbivore men. Chapter 2, which features four dialogues between the author and actual herbivore men, is particularly noteworthy. A sociological analysis of this phenomenon is also included.

After the publication of Lesson of Love for Herbivore Boys, female readers of that book asked me to write a guide for women on how-to-love book with this sort of man. I had long interviews with four young herbivore men and published this book based on what I learned.

I have argued that the main reason for the increase of herbivore men in Japan is its "peace," that is, the fact that Japan has not waged war in the more than 60 years since the end of World War II, making this country an exceptional case among powerful and advanced countries around the world. Today, the per capita number of homicides committed by young Japanese men is surprisingly low compared with the rate among young men in other countries, and moreover is in fact lower than that among middle aged Japanese men. I believe this is closely connected with the current herbivore men phenomenon.

See also A Phenomenological Study of “Herbivore Men” and Special Report on herbivore men.


Chapter 1
How to Think about the "Herbivore Man" Phenomenon

  1. What is a "Herbivore Man"?
  2. How to Love Herbivore Men
  3. Are Herbivore Men Increasing?

Chapter 2
Dialogues with Herbivore Boys

  1. Dialogue with Mr.Tamura
  2. Monologue by Mr.Ninagawa
  3. Monologue by Mr.Morinaga
  4. Dialogue with Mr.Hirabayashi

Chapter 3
Q&A about Love with Herbivore Boys


Publication Information

Magazine House , Tokyo, July 23 ,2009, 215 pages, 1200 yen, written in Japanese.

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