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List of Japanese Websites in English on the WTC Attack

Edited by Masahiro Morioka

Websites in Japanese

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Websites in English

Peace campaign

Global Peace Campaign fund-raising campaign peace walks and other acvtivities

A Call for Urgent Action! for Afghan children to survive


Megumi Oyama's Bookmarks bilingual links

Global Netizen College links by Tetsuro Kato

Statements (in chronical order)

We strongly demand peace without military force ! letter to President of the US from National Christian Council in Japan (Sep.12)

Dear Mr. President and our friends in America by YWCA of Japan (Sep.12)

Urgent Statement on the Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, USA by Kinhide Mushakoji, International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) (Sep.13)

Statement on the Terrorists of Attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001 statement by Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) (Sep.13)

Protest against the war in the name of revenge for terrorism statement by Women's League for Intercepting Courses toward War (Sep.14)

We express our condolence to the victims of the crashes of the hijacked planes, and express our opposition to exercise of force and to justifying war in the name of "retaliation" by Association for Research on the Impacts of War and Military Bases on Women's Human Rights (Sep.15)

Statement on Anti-terrorism and Emergent Need for Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means by members of Anzai-seminar class concerned (Sep.15)

Stop U.S. Military Retaliation; Don't Carry Out Ethnic and Religious Discrimination statement from the Pacific Asia Resource Center (Sep.17)

We oppose the U.S. war of retaliation and Request the Japanese government to retract its support for this war statement by 31 people (Sep.18 and 22)

In terms of international law, there is no legitimacy for wars of retaliation against the recent terrorist attacks by Hisatake Kato (Sep.19)

Break the Cycle of Violence and Revenge: An Appeal for Response Based on Legal Principles statement by Coalition of Citizens and Suprapartisan Members of the Congress Reflecting on Terrorist Attacks in the U.S. (Sep.20)

Peace Boat Declaration: To Build A World Free From Terrorism by Peace Boat (Sep.21)

Declaration with regard to the "War of Retaliation" by the United States of America by Association for the Realization of Japan as a Conscientious Objector Nation (Sep.21)

Appeal from Japanese Scholars of Political Economy to All the People and States of the World - Call for the Rational Actions to Eradicate the Vicious Cycle of Indiscriminate Terrorism and Military Actions - (Oct.8)

An Urgent Appeal from Japan's Constitutional Scholars statement (Oct.9)

Statement: Concerning the Retaliation Against Terrorism by Japan Confederation of A- and H- bomb sufferers Organization (Hibakusha) (Oct.15)

Essays and opinions

Commentary on the Terrorism in the US "October," "September" by Noriaki Iwata